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You Matter

You Matter Kindergarten cop was a great movie. I don’t know if you feel like that on Sunday when the preacher gets up and begins to talk about the Bible, and it’s my hope that you don’t while choosing to worship with us at LCC.  Sometimes when we read the Bible we can read it…

Chinese Food

It’s spring break this week, and the majority of our youth ministry students are out on vacation. So I sent a Facebook message to a LeTourneau University student that I’ve been meaning to connect with: “Hey dude, I’m Brent Stafford the youth minister at LCC, want to grab lunch this week?  I’ll eat anything, what…

Upcoming Events

May 25, 2016
  • EPICENTER (7th-12th)
    Starts: May 25, 201611:45 pm
  • Amplify Meeting (5th-6th Grades)
    Starts: May 25, 201611:45 pm
May 29, 2016
  • Missions Sunday
    Starts: May 29, 201612:00 am
  • Early Worship Gathering/Foundation Studies
    Starts: May 29, 20162:30 pm