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Does a clay pot argue with its maker? by Bob Sieh

  Somewhere in this block of 1X1X3.5 inch wood there is a caricature rabbit. As a hobbyist woodcarver, I have to let it out.  Both my son, Jeff, and I started carving last year. Quite a challenge. You have to think in 3D. It is a slow process for me but I love it. Jeff…

The Real Fixer Upper

The Real Fixer-Upper “Do you have the guts to take on a fixer-upper?” If this line sounds familiar to you, it’s most likely because you have seen the popular HGTV show, “Fixer-Upper”. It is one of my favorite shows to sit down and watch in the evening. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy looking at 3…

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February 14, 2016
  • Early Worship Gathering/Foundation Studies
    Starts: February 14, 20169:30 pm
  • Late Worship Gathering/Foundation Studies
    Starts: February 14, 201611:00 pm
February 18, 2016
  • Wednesday Night Live
    Starts: February 18, 20166:00 am
  • Amplify Meeting (5th-6th Grades)
    Starts: February 18, 20166:45 am