Let the Adventure Begin! – by: Bob Sieh

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Let the Adventure Begin!

by Bob Sieh


Sunday, December 7, 2014, was a historic day for Longview Christian Church. The congregation voted to authorize the elders to pursue the sale of the current building to a local developer. The deal contains a building swap (a 78,000 square foot building) plus a sizable amount of cash which will cover much of the cost to convert the building in to a facility for us to use to honor God. The membership vote passed at 92 percent. A couple of weeks ago a vote of members and regular attenders, people who have yet to place their membership, passed at 89 percent.

Such a sizable margin says that we as a congregation are ready jump into this adventure with God. This is His church and if we will follow He will lead us into more effective ministry. There are still several hurdles yet to overcome. These mostly fall on the developer–things like zoning changes for the current property. But he has seemed confident from the beginning that this will happen. It’s been a long time of preparation, almost two years since they first contacted us. The elders have prayed and researched and prayed some more during this time.

Any building is only a tool for us to use in Kingdom work. The new facility will help us do more effectively what we have already been doing. And, who knows what new ministries God may have planned for us. That is the exciting thing of partnering with God. He wants to stretch us in our commitment to Him and our trust in Him.

Through our years of ministry Vickie and I have seen God bring about things that people never thought could happen in a church. It was because of God that the church grew.  Even in the Book of Acts when the church first began and it grew exponentially Luke says, “And each day the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved (Acts 2:47).” God causes spiritual and numerical growth. We also know that many people sacrificed for the work of the Lord in the early days.

Working in partnership with God still requires sacrifice from His followers. In the coming months we all may be called on to sacrifice in this new venture with God. I don’t know what that will look like right now but I do know it will be worth it. The joy that comes from involvement in something with an eternal value is indescribable.

Welcome to this great adventure!

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