Making a Difference – by: Diana Bayne

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Do you ever look down the main hall at LCC and wonder what – or who – is behind all those doors that are cut in two?  Oh, sometimes we leave the top part open and you can peek inside.  Just in passing, you might notice rocking chairs, big chunky books, and low play structures.  Keep walking and you will notice bright colors, tiny chairs, short tables, fun toys, and even a giant purple caterpillar!  Obviously rooms for little people!

We even have rooms in which you can enter through a solid door.  The chairs get bigger and the tables are taller and the toys become fewer.  These rooms still look geared for young people, but growing.

On any given Sunday, there can be up to 75 children from birth through 4th grade in these rooms.  Of course, we don’t leave them in there by themselves, so there will be around 25 volunteers playing, loving, and Truth-teaching to these kids.  These volunteers prepare a lesson, arrive early, and pray for the kids they teach.

This is Children’s Ministry.

It is wonderful and wild and wacky – sometimes all at the same time!  Kids are funny, shy, fearful, trusting, and a range of about a hundred other qualities.  Teachers and volunteers are always kept on their toes from week to week! These men and women who serve do so out of a heart for kids, but also a desire to show Jesus to our kids.  From rocking a baby to working a fish puzzle and talking about how God made fish to reading deeper truths in the Bible, our volunteers are modeling God’s love.

Then Jesus called for the children and said to the disciples, ‘Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children.'”  Luke 18:16

Next time you pass by one of our kids’ rooms, pray for our little ones and thank a volunteer for leading the children to Him!

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