Family VBS – by: Diana Bayne

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Ready for summer?  If you have children in your home, or if your job is connected with a school, you probably know exactly how many days until the end of school.  Translation: SUMMER!!

Here at LCC, we have a team that has been working on a summer event since the first of the year and we are excited to start registering families for Family VBS 2015 – Jesus Quest!  It is just around the corner, if you’re peeling back the months of the calendar.  June 7-10th – Sunday through Wednesday – are our dates and it will be held in the evening from 5:45 – 8:15.

What is Family VBS?

We’re going with Webster’s definition of ‘family’ as “a group of people related to each other”.  Father, mother, kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…you get the picture.

We want families to experience together this quest to discover Who Jesus is.  The four days we’ll spend together will be an adventure that adults and children alike can share and remember.  We want parents to be the leaders of their families.  Our VBS allows us to step into place beside them and provide the setting, tools, and extra hands (and energy!) to adventure and explore together.

What happens each evening?

Food:  We begin each evening with a meal – family-style, of course.

Worship:  prayer, singing and introduction of day’s lesson.

Bible exploration:  Exciting skits with a Cajun flair to teach the truths we’ll uncover from the book of Luke.

Game time:  Fun and energetic group games to keep the theme rolling!

What ages can come?

This event is geared for families with kids going into K – 5th grade.  If your family includes younger children, we have childcare for them, we just need to know that they’re coming!  Older kids?  They can participate with your family, too.

How do I sign up?!

Registration forms can be downloaded from this website at

Turn that in with your paid registration (money covers food costs) and you’re ready!  We have t-shirts, too!

We’re pretty pumped about this event and hope you’ll join us!  We’re praying for your family to discover Jesus in a fresh and real way.

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