How Willing Are You to Take a Risk?

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How willing are you to take a risk?


Both of my grandsons like to build things from wood and like tools. Avry, now 16, would ask for gift cards to Lowe’s building center when he was 10 or 11. Sammy is 7 and loves to build things with me. A couple of years ago, I made him a tool box and started adding tools to it. His mom, my daughter, says when they walk by a tool display in a store he says, “I don’t have that tool yet.” (We are kindred spirits for sure.) Avry has the tool tote I made for his dad when he was little.

Not long ago Sam and I went to Lowes for the express purpose to buy him a handsaw. We found the shortest one which seemed to fit him and bought it. He asked to hold it as we drove home. Sam is an extremely good reader—reading and comprehending way beyond his grade level. I heard him from the back reading the cardboard packaging on the blade, “aggressive teeth for faster cutting.” He wanted to know a little bit more about that. I tried the best I could to explain how the saw worked and for him to be careful because the teeth were sharp.

Back at home we found a piece of wood and I used his square and carpenters pencil to draw a line on which to saw. I told Sam that, when sawing, you use your thumb to guide the blade, being very careful not to cut your thumb in the process. Although I didn’t tell Sam, I have a scar on my thumb from when I was about his age and the saw got me. So as we were lining everything up Sam asked, “Grandpa Bob, can we use your thumb?”

Not only can he read well, he is smart, too.

Life is full of risks. Generally when we are kids we take risks for the thrill or just because risk is inherent in learning.

Our walk with God requires us to take risks. We have to trust Him. Jesus sought out twelve disciples and asked them to take risks. “Come follow Me,” is what He said. The twelve left their businesses and homes and dedicated their lives to Jesus and His Kingdom. Some other disciples followed Jesus for awhile and dropped out. Just read John 6.

Even for those of us not destined to be apostles, following Jesus takes risk. We have to trust Him for life here on earth and trust Him to fulfill His promises of life eternal. This is kind of tough to do in a culture that seemingly wants to make life risk-free. However, the alternative to trusting Jesus is not viable. Besides Hebrews 13:5-6 says in part, “For God has said, “I will never fail you. I will never abandon you. So we can say with confidence,

“The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear.”

As individual believers, we must take the risk of trusting Jesus every day, standing up for what is right in His eyes, and living like God’s children. As a church, we must take whatever risks that come in order to advance God’s Kingdom right here where we live.

I know the day will come when Sam will want to saw badly enough that he will risk it. Who knows, he may even have a scar on his thumb to show his grandsons someday. We may have scars to show off in eternity because we followed Jesus. They will not come close to comparing to the scars Jesus has from paying for our salvation, though.



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