What have you seen God doing recently?—Bob Sieh

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That is the question that starts our LCC staff meeting with every Tuesday. We go around the table giving examples of where we have seen God at work. It makes us consciously look at our activities, conversations and interactions with other people. God is at work all around us but we often miss what He is up to because we are focused elsewhere. We all need to hone that skill.

We have sure have seen God at work in the midst of Longview Christian Church.  Mike Skelton, our new lead minister, begins ministering among us in a couple of weeks. Last October I told the elders I would retire at the end of 2016. They set the ball rolling to pull together a search team. Then the congregation was informed in March about my retirement and the search for a new lead minister. Long story short — Mike was interviewed, interviewed some more, he has been with us for a couple of Sundays, and preached for us.

The elders like him, and on Sunday, August 7, the congregation voted 97% in favor of calling him to be our lead minister. That type of overwhelming approval doesn’t happen very often in church life. I told Mike that I think God has been working on this partnership longer than we have.

Mike grew up around Sulphur Springs, Texas, and his wife, Courtney, is from the Texas panhandle. They have a little guy named Finn and are a delightful family. They are already fitting in to our congregation.   Mike graduated from Dallas Christian College and is finishing work on a masters in theological studies. Courtney also graduated from Dallas Christian College and was a Master Classical Educator.

Not often does a minister get to retire and feel so good about who will be taking his place.  Many churches today look for a new lead minister for two years before they find one that matches the congregation. Mike will be able to lead our congregation in serving the Lord in Longview. There are three key elements necessary for a man to be a good minister: He must love God, love His Word, and love His people. From the time I have spent with Mike, it is obvious that he loves God and wants to serve Him with his life. He loves God’s Word and makes studying it a priority. There is no doubt in my mind that he will love his flock too. After all, LCC is pretty loveable.

God’s definitely at work in our midst. It is going to be exciting to see what He has planned for us.

By the way, “What have you seen God doing recently?”



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