Tis the Season…

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There are a lot of emotions swirling around this election season. It seems as though we find ourselves in one of several camps surrounded by ideological convictions and the prospect of casting our votes for individuals that are deeply flawed, who may not have been our first choice. What to do?

I, in no way, intend to influence your selection in one way or another. However, I do want to encourage you with a simple reminder that no matter who wins on election day, it does not change whom we ultimately serve. So much of the angst surrounding this election comes down to a basic fear of what might happen if their guy/gal wins. While I certainly do not disagree with the fact that the two individuals leading in the poles would govern completely differently, from a different set of values, neither of them can take Jesus off the cross or undo what he finished.

I, in no way, intend to discourage you from voting. Many brave individuals have given so much to insure that we have this opportunity to help shape our country. However, if you are struggling to find perfection next Tuesday—know that you are not alone. There is a deep longing within all of us to find peace, to reach our true home. C.S. Lewis describes this desire well in The Last Battle. After passing through the door into the true Narnia, one of the characters exclaims that they have finally made it home—to the place they were always meant for and to the place for which they had been searching.

The truth is, this longing we all feel is natural. A desire to see and experience perfection—perfectly normal. However, if we think we can find it in this life, in other broken people, we will always be left sorely disappointed. Tuesday is certainly an important day, but our ultimate hope has to be founded in something so much bigger than elephants and donkeys. Our hope must be rooted in Christ, and our longing must be, to be eternally united with Him.

What to do?
  • Go vote—or not for that matter, with the knowledge that, to borrow a phrase, Jesus is King no matter who is president.
  • Understand that your decision does, in fact, matter—after all, this is turning out to be a close race.
  • Know that the people who may not agree with you still may be good people, and that their convictions may be as thoughtful as your own.
  • Rest in the idea that we are a people not at home here. God is working and building a kingdom so much greater than anything we can construct in this life.
  • Pray for this nation and the world in which we live. No matter who wins—life will never be the same. We have a responsibility as followers of Christ to bring light into this world. Let’s look for ways to bring Jesus into our communities and spheres of influence.


Mike Skelton

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  1. Madge Manzke Posted on November 3, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    Thank you Pastor Mike

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