Real God, Messy People, Changed Lives

These phrases describe the philosophy of ministry at Longview Christian Church. We worship the one real God who meets messy people (all of us) and changes our lives, through Jesus, into ones that honor and worship Him. Part of the mission of the church is to introduce other messy people to Jesus so that they, too, can change and experience the new life our Lord came to offer. All of LCC’s ministries are evaluated by comparing it to this statement. When an activity, event or study is planned, the question is asked, “How does this help messy people find the real God who loves them so much that He will change their lives?”

So, what does this look like on a practical level?

Real God.

We believe that this connects us with worship. Worship is one thing that most of the world has in common. Cultures dedicate themselves to something larger than themselves to acknowledge their own humanity. What does worship look like at LCC? It looks like people responding to the God who is Savior of all. God has done so much. We have a choice to respond to the work of his Son and dedicate ourselves to him.

Messy People.

The second statement we use to help define ourselves, Messy People, considers who we are in the grand scheme of things. We are a collection of broken people who need to be made whole. Although we make a decision to follow Christ on a personal level, it is only in Community that we find ourselves living out the life to which God has called each of us. What does community look like at LCC? It looks like people joining together in pursuit of Christ. We are not created to be on an island. There is a collective part of our faith that helps us navigate the challenging waters of this life.

Changed Lives

The final statement, Changed Lives, shows that we are all aware of the work that has been done and needs to be done in the world. You don’t have to talk to someone, watch the news, scroll through social media, or look out the window long before you are hit with the need for a savior. We believe we are called to meet those challenges in service. What does serving look like at LCC? It looks like people doing Kingdom work on purpose. We cannot sit idly by and watch broken people be consumed by a broken world. Whether it is in our backyard or in the back-alleys in far-flung corners of the globe, LCC has a commitment to bring people to a knowledge of the God who loves them.

Everything we do and ask people to be a part of, activities and programming, are run through the filter of, “How does this help messy people find the real God who loves them so much that He will change their lives?” If these elements are lived out and if this filter is executed, it produces a lofty call to a balanced community dedicated to God and his kindom purposes.