LCC Foundations ClassesThe Sunday morning Bible studies for adults are referred to as our Foundation Classes. These class studies are straight from the Bible. Generally at least one class is offered at the 9:30 and another at the 11:00 assembly time. The ladies have a “women only” study in the ladies ministry room at 9:30 in addition to the other class. This arrangement allows one to attend a worship service and a small group Bible study on Sunday Morning.

The class studies can range from a six week study to one that is several months long. The longer studies tend to be over books of the Bible like the Gospels or Acts. Recently year-long studies have covered the entire Bible as a continuing story. Here is a small sample of recent class subjects: Living in God’s Household-Lessons for a Healthy Church-1 Timothy; Lessons from the Sermon on the Mount; Crash Course on Jesus; Hosea-God’s Outrageous Love; Titus; The Bible as Story; Amos; 1 John; Philippians; Jesus’ Miracles in the Gospel of John; et al.

A few times a year, Bible studies will be held on Wednesday evenings. These classes may be on such topics as what the Bible says about enriching your marriage, parenting, or introduction to Bible study, or a Bible study based on a Christian author’s book. Such classes generally last for about six weeks and do not meet the night that the monthly congregational potluck meal is held.