Update on Haiti following Hurricane Matthew.  This is from Frantz Previl, sent 10/14.

Dear Friends,

Many are puzzled over what is going on in this little impoverished Caribbean Sea country of Haiti. Is it cursed from God?  Is it simply negligence from past and present governments? Or, is it carelessness of the people?  Six years ago a great earthquake (7.4 on the Richter scale) destroyed part of the country and claimed over 300.000 lives. In the midst of that crisis, cholera killed hundreds of people and many thousands were infected. An outbreak of Chikungunya followed by the Zika virus added to the suffering. To make matters worse, on  October 3, 2016 Hurricane Matthew came and destroyed  half of the country. The most devastating hurricane ever to hit Haiti.

The earthquake claimed more lives, but the hurricane has left even more destruction. Seventy percent of the ten departments (states) have been destroyed.  There is some disagreement on the number of fatalities being reported, but we know more than 1,200 people have died and millions are left homeless.

In the country most houses are made with metal sheets and walls made of palm trees and mud.  In town shacks abounded.  Both were vulnerable to the hurricane’s destruction. Ten days after Hurricane Matthew, cholera has already made its come back with 80 people died and hundreds infected.

There is no insurance for houses in Haiti.  People build their homes anywhere, no regulation is enforced with any government oversight. They build in river banks, on mountain sides, along the sea coast, flood routes, and anywhere they please.  As a country that has been dominated in the past by voodoo worship, Haiti needs a come to God for grace and forgiveness. They also need to respect the laws of nature and rebuild a country according to the rules that may prevent future losses.

Haitian Impact Christian Ministries (HICM) is making a big effort to help these people in need.  We are distributing food like rice, beans, oil, water, as well as chlorine (for water purification), and other necessities.  We are intensifying our mobile clinic system in the area where the hurricane caused the greatest destruction.  Of course, we will help in reconstruction of churches, schools, and homes.  Please note, the hurricane has destroyed more than 400 schools and 500 churches along with over a million houses.

You can help.  First, please pray for us.  Second, if you want to give, please go to our web site at www.hicm.us and give online. You can also mail a check to:


P.O. Box 934

Hallsville, TX 75650


Your help will made the gospel known to many and help meet their immediate needs.  May the Lord put it on your heart to do something today.  Take a special offering, run a marathon, have bake sales, etc. And may all the glory go to our God.

May His light shine upon you,

Frantz Previl


We are thankful that the church we helped build for our sister church in Dargout held during Hurricane Matthew and it was able to shelter people from the storm.  Here is a picture of the church after the hurricane.



HICM was founded in 1993 by Frantz Previl, for the sole purpose of having a lasting impact on Haiti. 

      • Church Planting:  15 churches have been established through HICM.
      • Training Leaders:  HICM organizes seminars twice a year for preachers and church leaders to study theology, doctrine and church growth.  They also host youth retreats in various locations with an emphasis on salvation, Christian principles, personal growth and evangelism.
      • Schools:  HICM has nine Christian schools connected to the ministry.  The schools are Christ-centered and the Bible is central.
      • Child Sponsorship:  The child sponsorship program provides tuition, books, uniform, supplies, medical attention and one meal a day.
      • Medical Clinics:  HICM has a permanent clinic in Port-au-Prince and holds mobile clinics in other locations across the country.  As people wait to see a physician, they are told about the Great Physician and some are won to the Lord.

Website:  www.hicm.us