Ray Gaytan

Ray and his family live and work in the Mexico City area.  Ray grew up at Ninos de Mexico, another ministry LCC supports.  Ray graduated from Dallas Christian College in 1993.

Following his studies, Ray returned to Mexico to preach and evangelize the Mexican people.  Ray married Violeta Camacho in 1998 and they were blessed with two girls, Anna Odell and Layla America.  Violeta works on counseling studies, cares for the children and works with Ray in his ministry with the women and children’s programs.

Ray is presently the Minister of Restored Christian Church, “A Place of Second Chances”.  He is the director of the Mexico Christ in Youth conferences and works with other programs and camps in Mexico City.  Ray is committed to plant at least 5 churches by the year 2020.  He has a heart for the people of Mexico.  He desires to lead young people to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by going into other nations and giving to others the way they have received.

LCC is excited to support someone from Mexico who knows the culture and will have a lasting impact on Mexico for the Lord.