Trey Bosecker

Trey grew up in Longview Christian Church and graduated from Hallsville High School in 2008.  As a member of the LCC youth group, Trey participated in several short-term mission trips that were led by Amor. After graduating from Ozark Christian College in 2013, he is currently serving on staff at Amor.


Since 1980, Amor has been working to keep families together by providing adequate housing.  Part of Amor’s mission statement is to “Eradicate Spiritual and Physical Poverty.”  Amor believes in doing that by working through the local church to build houses alongside families in need as an important step in solving both those issues.  This ministry has changed the lives of almost 17,000 families.


Trey’s role is moving the ministry forward by leading groups, building relationships, improving operational procedures, and sharing his knowledge of the trades.

April 2018 Update:

We just wrapped up the 2 busiest weeks of our entire year.  During the last week of March we had over 1,100 participants building houses in Puerto Penasco, Tecate, and Tijuana.  This past week we had almost 1,700 participants building homes in Tecate and Tiuana.  While we are finished with the busy Spring season, the Summer season will be here soon, so we are already preparing for all of the groups that will be serving with us in Tijuana and Rosarito.

On a more personal note, I will be going to Moldova towards the end of May to help build a prototype house.  It is our hope that our partners in the UK will be able to begin taking trips to Moldova to build houses.  There is a great need not just for housing, but for adequate housing.  The climate in Moldova experiences both extreme heat and extreme cold during the winter.  Having adequate, insulated housing is vital for the health of families, especially those with children.

In July I will be travelling to South Africa to work with a few groups that will be building houses just outside of Johannesburg.  This will be my first time going to our South Africa location.  I am excited to meet all of the pastors and local leaders we are able to partner with that have been doing incredible work in the communities and villages.

My biggest prayer request would be for wisdom and guidance as I travel to new places.  God is already doing great things in Moldova and Johannesburg and I am excited to have the opportunity to be apart of what is taking place.  I want to go and learn as much as I can from the pastors and leaders that we work with.  Pray that I go in with an open mind and heart for what God wants to teach me while there.