LCC’s Rooted Ministry brings together families of LCC and college age young adults to build mentorship type relationships.

What it looks like

A church family can support a college age adult thru prayer, providing a home away from home, being someone they can count on, a place to go for holidays, and life and spiritual mentorship.

Here are some different ways our groups take shape:

  • Dinner and laundry nights
  • Family game nights
  • Carpooling to church events
  • Volunteering together at church or community events
  • Baking or cooking together
  • Regular outdoor activities like golf, fishing, or biking
  • Coffee meetups
  • Apprenticeship activities like baking, sowing, or auto care
  • Homegroup or Bible studies
  • Praying for each other

Join as a College Age Adult or a Mentor

Email about your interest, and they’ll get back to you with some followup questions that will help us pair you with a mentor.