LCC is connected to a global community of believers. Our purpose in “missions” is to participate with the Lord and His church globally in the spread of the gospel and in equipping believers.  We do this in a variety of ways through prayer, sharing of resources with missionaries, and deploying people on short and long term mission trips. Out of each dollar our church body gives, 18 cents is designated for missions.  Here’s how we use these funds.

Trey Bosecker — Amor Ministries

Trey grew up in Longview Christian Church and graduated from Hallsville High School in 2008.  As a member of the LCC youth group, Trey participated in several short-term mission trips that were led by Amor.Trey’s role is moving the ministry forward by leading groups, building relationships, improving operational procedures, and sharing his knowledge of the trades.

Since 1980, Amor has been working to keep families together by providing adequate housing.  Part of Amor’s mission statement is to “Eradicate Spiritual and Physical Poverty.”  Amor believes in doing that by working through the local church to build houses alongside families in need as an important step in solving both those issues.  This ministry has changed the lives of almost 17,000 families.


Haitian Impact Christian Ministries

HICM was founded in 1993 by Frantz Previl, for the sole purpose of having a lasting impact on Haiti. Since that time it has planted over 20 churches and established 9 Christian schools connected to the ministry. HICM also organizes seminars twice a year for preachers and church leaders to study theology, doctrine and church growth.  They also host youth retreats in various locations with an emphasis on salvation, Christian principles, personal growth, and evangelism.

HICM has developed and maintains a child sponsorship program that provides tuition, books, uniform, supplies, medical attention and one meal a day.

This home grown ministry also makes an effort to meet the medical needs of the community. It has a permanent clinic in Port-au-Prince and holds mobile clinics in other locations across the country.  As people wait to see a physician, they are told about the Great Physician and some are won to the Lord.

Dargout congregation celebrates their first Sunday in the new building


Mexican Border Christian Ministries

This ministry led by Dr. Mario Calderon is dedicated to making an impact along the Mexican Border. Dr. Calderon is the founding minister of six churches in the area and several others have been established with his help through MBCM.

Dr. Mario Calderon has a broadcast ministry that reaches the local community through television and radio. He uses his 20+ years of the experience at Colegio Biblico College, his time in leadership at the Ministerial Bible Institute at Guillen and the Hispanic Texas Christian Convention, as well as the decades of time spent in various capacities at Chamacuero Christian Camp to make an impact for the Kingdom.

Dr. Mario has been married to his wife Betty for over 40years. Together they have 3 grown children and many grandchildren. They continue to serve the Lord in innovative ways to meet the needs of people in Mexico.


Ninos de Mexico

Since 1967, Niños de Mexico has been giving life to these children one child at a time. Many of these children have grown up to become doctors, ministers, teachers, and more – all helping to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in Mexico. Today, they are actively involved in sharing Jesus with the children and people of Mexico through their children’s homes, Christian schools, medical outreach, and church planting.

The Greater Mexico City Area is one of the largest urban areas in the world, with an estimated population ranging from 19.2 million to 30 million people. In this city alone, there are hundreds of thousands of street children. Some have been orphaned. Others have been abandoned. Still, others are abused. All need the love of Jesus.

Ninos de Mexico operates four children’s homes. With Christian house parents, their kids, and 11-19 children, Ninos homes are truly loving and caring places for the children to grow and learn the love of Jesus.


Outreach International

Dale & Sonja Hawkins work with Outreach International. This organization is a missionary motivation ministry designed to recruit missionary volunteers for work overseas in areas that are unreached with the Gospel of Christ or areas that are particularly difficult to enter.

Outreach international currently provides service for missionaries and other organizations working in: U.S.A., Mexico, Haiti, Venezuela, France, Germany, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Russia, Thailand, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea.

Dale & Sonja’s prayer is to connect and encourage churches & missionaries in fulfilling the Great Commission, recruit laborers for the “fields white unto harvest,” faithfully carry out the responsibilities in maintaining the ministry of Outreach International, and faithfully serve the field workers to help them do what God has called them to do.

“It has always been my ambition to preach the Gospel where Christ was not known…” Romans 15:20


Ray Gaytan

Ray and his family live and work in the Mexico City area.  Ray grew up at Ninos de Mexico, another ministry LCC supports.  Ray graduated from Dallas Christian College in 1993.

Following his studies, Ray returned to Mexico to preach and evangelize the Mexican people.  Ray married Violeta Camacho in 1998 and they were blessed with two girls, Anna Odell and Layla America.  Violeta works on counseling studies, cares for the children, and works with Ray in his ministry with the women and children’s programs.

Ray is presently the Minister of Restored Christian Church, “A Place of Second Chances”.  He is the director of the Mexico Christ in Youth conferences and works with other programs and camps in Mexico City.  Ray is committed to plant at least 5 churches by the year 2020.  He has a heart for the people of Mexico. He desires to lead young people to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by going into other nations and giving to others the way they have received.

LCC is excited to support someone from Mexico who knows the culture and will have a lasting impact on Mexico for the Lord.

Windward Islands School of Evangelism

Windward Islands School of Evangelism evangelizes Caribbean societies and brings them to Christian maturity through the development of leaders for the church.

In its first 25 years, WISE has produced 141 graduates from eight different countries in the Caribbean region. In addition, there have been many who have not received a degree but have received training. Graduates currently minister in approximately 60 churches in 14 different countries, and are involved in ministries ranging from preaching and teaching positions to pre-school administration.

In addition to the on-campus program, WISE assists its graduates with advanced classes, evangelistic efforts, counseling and encouragement, retreats, classes, programs, and personal visits at their locations. WISE looks to the future as they consider new programs to add effectiveness to the ministry of the Lord in the Caribbean region.